The Old Man and the Sea (Reader for 10th Form)

The Old Man and the Sea (Reader for 10th Form)
ISBN kodas: 1983
Išleidimo metai: 1983
Puslapių skaičius: 63
Kalba: Anglų
Viršelis: Minkštas
The Old Man and the Sea is an elegant work by a legendary author. The reader follows the fishing trip of Santiago, an old man who hasn't caught a fish in many months. There is no need to be a fan of fishing to like this book. Hemingway is such a great writer than any reader can easily be "reeled in" by this book. Hemingway is very methodical in his word choice and even though the book isn't very wordy, it is still brilliant. The book deals with the ideas of man v. man, man v. environment, and man v. enemy throughout. The reader is taught lessons of patience and determination as Santiago goes after the biggest fish of his life. It is a very quick read and I highly recommend it to anyone. If you are not sold already then realize that this book was the main component in Hemingway winning the Nobel Prize in literature and it also won the Pulitzer prize. Santiago's thrilling journey will leave you in awe and inspired by the end.

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