Bob Dylan Too Much of Nothing

Bob Dylan Too Much of Nothing
ISBN kodas: 9781912733149
Išleidimo metai: 2020
Puslapių skaičius: 288
Kalba: Anglų
Viršelis: Minkštas
When Bob Dylan picked up a silver cross thrown on stage and found Christianity in the late Seventies, it ended a search that had begun when his life crashed to a halt in 1966. According to Dylan, the turning point came one night in late 1978 when he received a “vision and a feeling.” Dylan later said, “Jesus put his hand on me. It was a physical thing. I felt it. I felt it all over me. I felt my whole body tremble. The glory of the Lord knocked me down and picked me up.” That search makes sense of his John Wesley Harding album and the following 12 years. Skaityti daugiau... Skaityti mažiau

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